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flexi task with multiple variable approvers

Question asked by on Sep 13, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2018 by dinafischer

I have a state machine workflow for electronic approval.  It has 3 levels of approval (Author, Management, and Quality Assurance) Each level of approval has a Flexi Task. The tasks are assigned to an "Author, Management, and Quality Assurance" People Picker column in my document library. My workflow operates the way I want it to. But my problem is that the Management flexi task could have 1 or 20 approvers. It will always vary. I am attracted to the flexi task so I do not need to have 20 more columns in my list.


When I have multiple approvers in the management task, I want the task to go to the "Approved" branch of the flexi task if everyone approves. But if at any time anyone rejects the task, I want it to go to the Reject branch. But this is not happening. I tried all behaviors. But they do not work. If someone rejects it, They flexi task will send out a redundant email to ALL approvers again. I do not want them to get another email if they already made their vote.