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lookup function with parseLookup on Nintex Form 2013

Question asked by kbsitz on Sep 12, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2018 by kbsitz

I'm using a "Calculated Value" form control with a lookup function along with the parseLookup function to pull information from a Vendor list.  Sometimes the Vendor list does not have values in all the fields (ie:  "Contact Name" or "Fax" may be empty) which results in #Value! on my form.


I have unsuccessfully tried IsNullorEmpty(ControlName) rules to hide any blank answers.


Examples of my lookup function:

lookup("PReq XTbl Vendor", "Name - Biz Partner No", parseLookup(Vendor), "Contact Name")



How can I either hide the #Value! on my form when there is no returned value from the lookup function


How can I only run the lookup when there is a value to return


Either of the above should be viable solutions in my scenario.