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Find date difference Excluding Holydays

Question asked by nidhincee on Sep 13, 2018
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 I have two date fields StartDate and ExpectedEndDate. Also one list PublicHolydays which will contain all public holyday dates. I need to exclude public holydays and weekend(Friday and saturday) when i calculate expected end date. There is one field KPI integer field . The process is like I will select the start date for item and the item have one KPI column in it (eg:2). I have to calculate the expected end date excluding weekend and holyday.


1)Item 1 and its KPI =2.

2)I select start date 13/09/2018.(Thursday).

3)16/09/2019 is a public holyday . it is stored in the public holyday List

4)The resulted expected end date should be 18/09/2018 since the KPI is 2 and should avoid weekend and public holyday.

Jquery or nintex formula