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SharePoint Edit Ribbon Greys Out When Adding List View to Photo Library

Question asked by cmcdeed on Sep 11, 2018
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This was an odd one I found and wanted to see if anyone has experienced it, didn't find anything in searches and also submitted to Nintex in case its a bug. So far I can reproduce the issue with a new list. When creating a custom classic form in Nintex if I add a list view to a picture library the edit ribbon in SharePoint on New/Display/Edit forms is disabled or greyed out.


To Reproduce

  1. Create a new custom list, just the Title field is adequate.
  2. Create a new Photo Library.
  3. Customize the form and select classic for the new custom list.
  4. Add a list view control to the form, chose the photo library list, and any view, I did Thumbnails view.
  5. Publish the form.
  6. Open your new custom list and click on New Item, the edit ribbon for me is greyed out.



1. Can anyone else reproduce this or is it unique to our environment?


Thank you.