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JavaScript to "select all" and "clear all" for only one field.

Question asked by bakerls on Sep 7, 2018
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I've added the "Select all" and "Clear all" buttons in order to have that functionality on a Multiselect multi choice field.


The code I have for both is:


Clear all

NWF$('input:checkbox').not(this).prop('checked', this.checked);

Select all

NWF$('input:checkbox').not(this).prop('checked', true);


Which is working fine. However If I add another field like that it affects all multichoice fields... How can I change this code in order to affect only one particular multichoice field?


Checking on the source code of this form I got this data from this particular Multichoice field:


<div data-UniqueId="c0a89c70-0781-4bd4-8623-f73675005e02" data-ControlName="Activity" class=" nf-filler-control nf-filler-highlightonvalidationerror  nf-resizable nf-resizable" FormControlId="e1d46371-c4a5-4f09-a77a-c0128ce1f206" data-multiselectcontrol="True" style="overflow:visible;height:85px;width:830px;top:705px;left:0px;z-index:100;background-color:;" data-controlid="e1d46371-c4a5-4f09-a77a-c0128ce1f206" data-formcontroltypeid="c0a89c70-0781-4bd4-8623-f73675005e02" data-enabled="True">