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An exception occurred while processing parameter [InputPassword]

Question asked by vinaybangari on Sep 10, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2018 by callum

Hello Everyone,

I’m trying to extract data from CSV file, which will upload to the SharePoint online library and the data add into a SharePoint List.
I created the Nintex workflow for Office 365 with below
– Created a web request action, in the web request action given the document encoded URL from input reference, username & password (global administrator)
– Regular expression action to split the CSV lines
– For each loop CSV lines, in the container regular expression to split the values from lines
– Get Item collection, assign names from above collection
--Finally creating list items from the collection

_ Workflow will trigger when document uploded
When uploading the CSV files into the library, I’m getting the following error from the web request action which logged into log history
“An exception occurred while processing parameter [InputPassword]” – Need help

Note: I’m using the Nintex workflow for Office 365 and typing username & password manually in the web request

Thanks in Advance