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"You are not authorized to respond to this task." - Nintex FlexiTask

Question asked by brianspd on Sep 6, 2018
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I have a simple Nintex workflow with "Assign Flexi Task" action in SharePoint 2010. 

Firstly, the Assignee's (User A and User B) are having Contribute permissions at site level and item level (approval history).


"Assign Flexi Task" - Configure Action


"Create individual tasks for all group members" is checked

Behavior: "First reponse applies"

TaskName: Workflow Task

Task Content Type: Nintex Workflow Multi outcome task using Nintex Forms

Form Type: Nintex Form

Store TaskID's: TaskID (Variable of type: ListItemID)


When a user 'A' approves the task, only user 'A' has the ability to view the Approval comments/Workflow task. When User 'B' tries to view the approved comments/workflow task, user gets the following message ' You are not authorized to respond to this task' and vice-versa.


If I assign the users full control at the list/Item level (workflow history), then they have no issue viewing the task that was approved by the other user. But I do not want to assign Full control.


I have referred to the following blog but no luck. Please assist.