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Forms web request slow to start

Question asked by Ruud van den Ende on Sep 6, 2018

When using the Nintex Forms web request control the first call to a web service takes a very long time, somewhere around a minute. Subsequent requests go a lot faster, within half a second usually. Using Fiddler I always get a response within a second, even if the web service has been idle for a long time.


After a few minutes the Forms control has to warm up again, taking another minute to process a web request. Since it's also an async operation, users don't know what's going on. We need to have a faster responding form.




Hopefully someone can help!


The web service called by the Web Request control according to my browser dev tools:

URL: https://{host}/_vti_bin/NintexFormsServices/NfRestService.svc/GetDataForControlAsync

Method: POST


It's an on premise SharePoint 2016 environment. If I forgot any other relevant information please let me know.