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Assignment Issue with Request Data Workflow Action?

Question asked by emlandis on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2018 by emha

I have an issue with assigning users a Request Data Task and the assigned users being able to complete the tasks. 



I have a column in the list, let's call this "Task Owners", which is a People field with "Allow Multiple Selections" enabled.  I also have a workflow which requests data from the "Task Owners".


In the business case, I need to be able to request data from the "Task Owners", with any of them being able to respond.  But, only need the first to respond.  


The issue:

None of the "Task Owners" are able to provide any data from the Request Data action on the Nintex Workflow.  When I checked the task, it is saying that there is no-one assigned (field is blank).  


How might I resolve this?


Edit: Adding issue recreation steps.

Issue Recreation Steps:

  1.  Create Custom List
  2.  Add New Column: Person or Group field with Allow Multiple Sections Option enabled
  3.  Add 3 or more accounts to the field.
  4.  Create New Nintex Workflow
  5.  Add "Request Data" action.
  6.  Configure "Request Data" action to include the New Column on the custom list as the "Collect Data From
  7.  Run Workflow



  • To eliminate any possible permission issues, all testing accounts was granted Full Control permissions to the new team site.
  • Version History was enabled to validate if anything was removing the information from the task list after the task was created; it was not.
  • Everything else was left at defaults for a Team Site with Nintex Workflows & Forms enabled