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Notification based on due date field in SharePoint

Question asked by donaum1 on Sep 5, 2018
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I need help with a site workflow based on the due date of tasks.  The workflow would send a notification to the Assigned To person if a task is due soon or past due based on the due date

  1. Due date in 10 business days
  2. Due date in 3 business days
  3. Due date is 0 business days
  4. Due date is 5 business days past due date
  5. Due date is 10 business days past due date
  6. Due date is 15 business days past due date and daily after 15 business days
  7. Notifications are sent to the Assigned To person and they receive only one notification in a day
  8. Notifications to be sent at 4:00 each business day
  9. Project and Task status = In Progress
  10. The email notification contains a link, url, to the SharePoint Task List