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How to pad space in O365 (no inline function)

Question asked by jkweaver on Aug 31, 2018

Good afternoon.


I have a requirement for a field (PN3) to always be 2 characters, but input on the form could be 1 character. What I do with the On-Prem version is I have a PadRight inline function for PN3, so that 2 characters are created for the policy number I build. PN3 could be a space and therefore the PadRight creates that if only 1 character in input. I have attached what that looks like.


However, since Inline functions are gone with O365, I am having trouble creating the same "PadRight" for PN3. I need it to always be 2 characters, but if 1 character is input on the form, I need to add a space.


Any thoughts?  Thanks.