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show all Sharepoint group members and not the group name

Question asked by berni_m on Sep 2, 2018

Hi Guys!


I'm using Sharepoint 2013 with Nintex and I'm currently trying to extract a list of Sharepoint group members so that I can search among all those names in a list-column:


To be more precise:

- I have created a sharepoint group (group_A) containing two Users (Person_A ; Person_B).

- group_A functions as a list-column (person/group)

- Ínstead of showing group_A, I would like to show Person_A; Person_B so that I can assign rights and set filters!


I've used the search engine and I found a very similar solution for office 365 on Need help getting Display Name from a Person or Group list item but it seems as if collection-variables cannot be selected when trying to update a field...


Thanks for any hint!


Cheers, Bernhard