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How to extract/split the list of users to create new list items

Question asked by on Aug 30, 2018
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I am being really dull and can't figure out how to achieve this.


Warning newbie!!


In our Nintex environment, I don't have a lot of permissions or the ability to do things like write to databases etc so I am trying to come out with a hybrid solution that works within the confines of what I am allowed to do:-


The solution I am trying to build:- Training Attendance Register form


I am breaking it into two parts as I need to do reporting ...


Form 1: Training Load Form. The trainer will load the training form with their details ie. name of trainer (people/group field), date of training, time, type of training etc. There is also an an attendees field (people or groups - multiple selections allowed) where the trainer can add everyone who has attended this training.


A workflow on this form, will then take the newly created training event and for each attendee selected in the Load form, will create in a separate list , "My Training Records", a single list item with all the information listed in the load form, but just the name of a single attendee. So if in the load form, 10 people were marked as attendees, in my Training Records List, 10 records would be created with the only unique part being the name of the attendee. An approval workflow is associated to this list, so that when a new item is added to this list, a workflow will fire an approval task to the individual in question.


The reason I want to separate it ..:-

1) For training events with more than 20 attendees, if one person doesn't complete their approval, it doesn't keep the entire workflow in a pending state until all the approvals are received. By running a workflow per attendee as I plan to do, if one never approves or something fails, it is easier to manage for single list items.

2) I need the ability to report, so if everything is in individual list items, I can connect to it via Access/SQL and suck the records out to do reporting in another system.


What I am struggling with - How to extract each name loaded in the attendees field and to then create the individual list item. I think i would use either a 'for each' or loop or something to create each list item. Just can't figure out how to extract attendee from the attendees field to then use them in the for each/loop action


Any pointers appreciated.