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Unable to copy list items from one list to another list within the same site

Question asked by on Aug 31, 2018
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I have a Issue tracking list with custom columns, I wanted to archive this list so I saved the original list  (list A ) as a template and created a new list from that template (list B). We are using SharePoint 2013.


I made a workflow to query list A with an archive date  (items older than 12 months) and added a for each loop to do the copy to list B. Everytime I run this workflow it errors out  with the message below.

The workflow could not copy the item. Make sure the source and destination lists have the same columns and column settings. 


I am not sure what is the difference, I did notice when the new list (list B) was created with the template it did have its standard columns like Related Issue, comment ..which I deleted to make sure the two lists are absolutely identical but for some reason there is a difference that I cant seem to find.  Anyone have any suggestions?