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Nothing displayed in my Nintex Mobile App

Question asked by arobins on Aug 26, 2018



I'm connected to my 2013 on premise SharePoint site through VPN. From my phone I can access my entire SharePoint site. My IT team set up Nintex Mobile to run through the VPN. Once the app was installed on my phone (Samsung S8) I was able to create an account ( and log in. As soon as I did, the task and forms sections said they were downloading items but once it was done downloading it says there are no tasks and no forms found for the supplied accounts.


I have done the following:

1. activated Nintex Live (not sure if I have to do this).

2. deleted the local storage

3. I have many Nintex responsive forms on my site but I added two Nintex classic forms and published them for a Nintex Mobile app.

4. Deleted my entire account and started again

5. Created an account pointing the exact subsite where I Nintex Mobile form has been published (

6. In Central Admin I turned on FBA (I'm not sure if this is needed but it didn't help)


At one point I added a new Nintex Mobile form for a list as a test. When I refreshed Nintex Mobile on my phone it said it was deleting one item and then gave me the save message as before (no forms).


I'm at a complete loss as to why I can't see any forms or tasks. It appears Nintex Mobile is downloading forms and tasks but I just can't see them.


Any help or ideas are appreciated in advance