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Form Validation Failing - Not Consistent

Question asked by chelledavis11 on Aug 20, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2018 by chelledavis11

I am working on a SharePoint form that has multiple validation options based on end user selection. There are about 13 options (drop-down) in total and I am having a similar issue with about 3 of them: the validation is acting erratically. The code for one is below. I have tried several things to fix the issue:

  • Retyping the code
  • Removing and rebuilding the fields from the SharePoint side
  • Breaking them up into multiple rules

No mater what I still get the same or similar end result: The validation treats the code as if there are separate. Once the first group is filled in (Up to Zip Code) the form then can save with the balance being empty. There are other validation rules that use some of the same fields and it's ok for them. Not sure what to do. I did read post regarding an know issue with Content Types and this type of errors being produced.  REVIEW TYPE is the trigger.


ReviewType=='Available Capacity'&&(isNullOrEmpty(trim(CustomerCompanyName))||isNullOrEmpty(trim(ResourceCenterDistrictLocation))||isNullOrEmpty(trim(StreetAddress))||isNullOrEmpty(trim(ZipCode))||isNullOrEmpty(trim(HourlyLoad))||isNullOrEmpty(HourlyLoadUnits)||isNullOrEmpty(trim(DailyLoad))||isNullOrEmpty(DailyLoadUnits)||isNullOrEmpty(trim(DeliveryPressurepsig)))


The form

When the user has to enter data initially:

Initially B

Initially A



After some data filled in: *IF anything in the top group is not filled in then the validation fails but if they are filled in it lets the user save even if none of the ones below are populated.

This should be still not valid: but the user can save