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Is it possible to implement a Status Indication like a "Traffic Light" without Coding in a Sharepoint List?

Question asked by thomasdobat on Aug 21, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2018 by emha

Dear Community, 


currently I am working on a status indication column like a "traffic light" for a Sharepoint list that is able to display a green/yellow/red light depending on the fulfillment of a task. I've found very interesting blogs from users which are doing quite similar things via 

Ampelfunktion für Aufgabenlisten hinzufügen – Nico Thiemer – SharePoint Enthusiast seit 2001 


My requirements for this status indication are a bit more demanding - the column logic has to check two things at the same time. First, how much time is left until a deadline (4months, 3months, ..., down to 1month). Second, what is the fulfillment status task considering the time left until deadline. This means that a task fulfillment of 10% and 4months left would i.e. result in a yellow light, whereas 10% and 3 months left would result in a red light. So it is basically a comparison of time until deadline and task fulfillment status. 


As I am not a coder, is there a way without using Javascript? Nevertheless I've already built something like this, trying to use the approaches from the colleagues of the blogposts above - could you please tell me if this way is fine/ i've forgotten anything?


My reference variables are _SNR_Status, displaying the task fulfillment in % and _KPI_SoP, representing the Deadline in date format. The other variables lessone,.... lessfour represent the time until deadline (counting from _KPI_SoP backwards)


Thanks and best regards