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Conditionally Validate Lookup Selector in Nintex Forms

Question asked by cjones69 on Aug 20, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by cjones69

I have been looking for a way to conditionally validate a lookup selector field in Nintex Forms. Basically, I need the field to be required when a previous column has specific values selected and not be required if any other values are selected.

This seems like it ought to be simple, but using anything like the below does not work:

isNullOrEmpty(LookupSelectorField) && (ChoiceField == "A" || ChoiceField == "B" || ChoiceField == "C")


This doesn't work either:

LookupSelectorField == "" && (ChoiceField == "A" || ChoiceField == "B" || ChoiceField == "C")


Is there any way to conditionally require a lookup selector on the form?