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Nintex Workflow - Create list item in another site

Question asked by gdolit on Aug 20, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2018 by graham

I created a project site where project information is entered on a subsite list. The information from the subsite/project list will be added to the top site list via a Nintex workflow. Also, when information is edited on the project/subsite list, it should flow to the top site list as well.

I created a Nintex workflow using the "create item in another site" module. It works in placing the list item on the top site list when initially created. However, when I try to update a project/subsite list item, the updated information does not flow to the top site list.

After setting the workflow setting "Start when items are modified" to Yes, I get a workflow error that reads: Create Site Specific Item Activity The list item could not be added or updated because duplicate values were found in the following field(s) in the list: "FieldA".


I am using Sharepoint 2016 onPrem. Attached is an image of the workflow settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advanced.