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Howto handle parallel workflow starts on same list item

Question asked by philipplucas on Aug 17, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2018 by philipplucas

Hey guys,


as we all know a list workflow can only have one running instance per item. If you try to start the workflow twice via other workflows using the "Start Workflow" action you will receive this error message:


"A workflow is currently running. Please wait for it to complete."


However, the workflow containing the "Start Workflow" action will be suspended.


Is there any way to avoid the workflow being suspended in this case?


I thought about capturing the workflow successfull bool hoping that it will activate some kind of error handling like in OnPrem so i can check the bool afterrwards and simply put a loop around my "Start workflow" action. But it seems this return value is useless as it only return true on a successfull satrt but nothing if the workflow couldnt be started.


I also thought about not using the "Start Workflow" action but a web service call. However I haven't found a way to start a nintex list workflow in O365 by using a web service call.


Any input is highly appreciated.





Update: I've worked out a way to start the workflow via REST call. Unfortunately it doesn't help me. The first REST call will start the workflow as expected (response: OK). The second call will also start the workflow and terminate it with the message that the workflow is already running BUT the webservice response is still "OK". So there is seems to be no way for me to evaluate the web service response and see if the workflow could really be started.