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Help: How to fix Accessibility issues in Forms?

Question asked by sharepoint-auburn on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2019 by euang

"Forms are SO unaccessible!" -- My Accessibility Department


There are several accessibility issues he pointed out that I don't know how to correct via Nintex.... does anyone have any experience, or lessons learned you can share with making Nintex Forms accessible?



1. Missing form label on Person Field: As you can see there are 2 missing labels in this person field. However, there is a label associated with the field and the field is obviously filled out


2. Orphaned form label on Calculated Field: As you can see the field is completed, and there is a label associated with this field


3. Missing form label on Text Field: This field has a label associated with it


4. Missing form label on "Other" textbox in choice field: The choice field has a label associated, but with the "allow other" option the textbox says there's not a label


5. Missing form labels on SQL Request Dropdown: the dropdown has a label associated with it, but there are 2 missing label hits here. One is for "loading..." text.