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How to create a subsite and activate Nintex Workflow and Forms after Site Creation?

Question asked by dremillard on Aug 11, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2018 by dremillard

Hi all,


I have a list and when the user creates a new item a workflow creates a subsite from a pre-configured site template.   As you probably know, in O365 you can't save a site template if Nintex Workflow and Forms apps are activated. 


But I need to have the subsite also have Nintex activated in it ... and also to associate a couple workflows with lists in the subsite.  What is the right or best approach for this requirement in Nintex for Office 365?


(BTW I'm migrating/re-writing a workflow from on-prem Nintex to O365.  On premise, I was able to save the site template with lists connected to site workflows and Nintex didn't need to be turned on for each sub-web).  


Thanks in advance,