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Query User Profile with email

Question asked by jordan.deroubaix on Aug 9, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2018 by jordan.deroubaix

Hello Nintex Community !


I am trying to use the "Query User Profile" action in a Nintex Workflow (SP2010), and I I have a strange behavior:

The user field in the action is filled with a list column (containing an email), and return the property "manager" of user if exists.


It is working well for almost all of our users, except a few ones. I have checked that user (email, manager, hidden user info list, etc) and there are no differences with a "normal" user. I have the error : "profile with email" cannot be found". If I try to manually enter that user in the Query User Profile action (by entering the email in Nintex Workflow Designer), the email is converted with SharePoint user, and workflow is working well.


Where do the "Query User Profile" action look for getting a profile ? 


PS : I tried a simple query user profile workflow in a SharePoint 2016 platform, and it does not work at all with the email address !


Any help would be appreciated .


Thank you !