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Nintex Form Field Focus

Question asked by satya.divi on Aug 3, 2018
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Form Field Focus

Hi All,

Above is the snapshot of a Nintex Form, In my present nintex form whenever i Tab out from a field its going in a zigzag order, i don't know why (which is depicted in the Present scenario), but I want to set the TAB out field order myself, and to control the field where the Cursor goes in my next tab.  How to achieve this (the required scenario is given in the second pic).

I have tried to correct this using the "Column Ordering" in List settings, but doesn't work.  Please suggest a solution in detail (probably if any one can in a step by step manner to set the TAB order).  It would be of great help.

Thanks to all the wonderful people out there who are making this community a great place to seek help.


Satya Sri Ram

Note : 1. Field Names have been blocked out because of business sensitivity, sorry for that.

2.  The TAB flow is shown in Orange Arrows.