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Deleting duplicate documents

Question asked by michuk on Aug 2, 2018

I have a set up list workflow to copy the item attachments to a attachment document library. 


The only overwrite option that works is rename new item.


As attachments are added at different stages of the process I have set the workflow to copy each time the the list item is modified. Is there a way of SP identifying that a new attachment has been added and only copy this attachment over to the library?


When the list item is saved all the existing/new attachments are sent again to the document library. If there is a document with the same name already existing then the current date and time is added to the name. ie Name (02-08-2018_16-34-40).


I need a way to delete the duplicate items with the (02-08-2018_16-34-40).


Is there a way for TP to automatically query the attachment library before copying to see if the attachment exists and send not send based on the result?




Any ideas, suggestions?