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Formatting flexi task comments with regular expression

Question asked by ohagas on Aug 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2018 by emha

Hi All

Hope someone can help me, as I'm struggling with regular expressions. (Nintex on premises, SharePoint 2013).

In my workflow I have a flexi task which asks a Reviewer to choose an outcome and add a comment. I then have a 'Set field value' control to update these comments on the original form:


This adds the comments to the form in the following format, which looks rather messy and difficult to read:

Lastname, Firstname (Outcome) Date Timestamp - Date Timestamp (Lastname, Firstname) Comments


I would like the above to look like this:

Lastname, Firstname (Outcome) Date Timestamp:


I've tried using the regular expression, with guidance from this remove approver comments thread, but I'm stuck.

I tried the following pattern but when I run it, the result is the same as the input text



Can anyone help with the correct expression or highlight what I'm doing wrong?