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Form Values Wrapped in <Value> Tag?

Question asked by jeff on Aug 3, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2018 by jeff

A weird one today that I'm guessing is just something I'm doing wrong.

I have a workflow with a form variable "Send to" (Choice field with options "POC" and "QC Inspector"):


And than a Run If action...


At some point the workflow stopped working. After some troubleshooting I started logging the output of the "Send to" variable to a history log and am seeing it mysteriously wrapped in a "<Value>" tag...


If I change my Run If to "contains" instead of "equal" (e.g. variable contains "POC" v. variable equals "POC") my workflow runs again.


Does anyone know why or how this form value would begin returning wrapped in a "<Value>" tag?

I'm using an unmodified OOTB InfoPath form: