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Assigning a task to people stored in a list

Question asked by shelley.97 on Aug 1, 2018
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I'm a fairly new user so forgive me if this is fairly basic!

I'm currently trying to create a flow that assigns a task to a group of people based on a set of criteria (Eg: assign task to all persons in team A or team B depending on what type of task it is)

However the main problem I'm finding is since the people who the task will be assigned to can change regularly, I need to store the people in a reference list. This is so that when these people are changed, it doesn't require the flow to be re-published, meaning the tasks currently in progress don't get restarted.

Here is what my flow currently looks like. The two sides of the switch will be the same, but with some minor changes, so I only showed one side here. The reference list (CTS Incorrect Kits Teams) contains two columns, a person column and a team column. The person can only select one person, and the team can either be set to competitor or internal.

Whenever I run this, the workflow status comes up as suspended. I have a feeling its because the query list doesn't return the emails in a format that the start a task process can handle, but I'm not sure how to change this!


Thank you in advance for any help anyone can provide!