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Lookup runtime function on a Form is not returning values when the item is in a folder.

Question asked by acoyle on Aug 2, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2018 by acoyle
I want to get the workflow status running on the current item and hide buttons on the form if the workflow is running. 
In the workflow, a workflow status value is set; to "Active" at the beginning and to "Inactive" at the end.  The workflow status (myWfStatus) is not an value that is in the "item property" list, however I can access it through the Form's lookup runtime function (through a form variable) using the current ID and the name of the Workflow subscription:
Lookup("MyList", "ID",Id,"myWfStatus"). 
This returns the Workflow Status link value perfectly. 
This list has folders.  When an Item is in a folder, the lookup doesn't return anything.  When the item is at the root, the lookup works.
Any thoughts?