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Convert Document action error

Question asked by cmikhaiel on Aug 2, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2018 by hagarm

I'm getting this error on a workflow when it hits the " Convert document" action. 

Error converting document. The service application required to complete this request is not currently available. Try this operation again later. If the problem persists, contact your administrator.


Same workflow is working fine on other environments. The template that the action is pulling from is on the site and the user have access to it. The word automation service and proxy are provisioned and running. The Word automation is on the application proxies list of the web application.


We have tried this: 

- added our service account and farm account to the permissions and administration areas with full control on the service app

- Ran GrantAccessToProcessIdentity on the portal web app for both farm and service accounts

- ensured that both the windows account and claims identity for both of those accounts have Full Control on the web application policy

- performing debugging by powershell to simplify the process and remove nintex from scope

- started the Distributed cache services on the two application servers as SharePoint was complaining about those two

- stopped word conversion services on all servers except one of the application servers, enabled verbose logging, found nothing additionally helpful


Can someone please provide some information as to why this error might be occurring?? Most of the errors we have found other people encountering are indicating specifically that the word automation service is not available. But with this error, it didn't specify which service that is not available and we understand that the Convert document/update document actions are using the Word automation services. 

We have two environments, UAT and Prod. Both are configured the same, the workflow is working perfectly fine in UAT but not in PROD... Help!!