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Break inheritance for "Allowed Actions" and activate actions disabled on farm level

Question asked by trutz on Nov 18, 2014
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Hi all,


We have the requirements to deactivate certain unsafe actions on farm level (e.g. call web service).

But for certain site collections we want to break the inheritance and allow said actions, see attached picture.


Or the URL to the page: http://<server>/<site collection url>/_layouts/15/NintexWorkflow/ManageActivitiesWeb.aspx?Scope=Site&showAllActivities=true

This seems to be only possible for the farm admin, i.e. the user who was used during SharePoint configuration.


I added another user as site collection administrator and even as farm administrator (CA->Security->Manage farm administrators + Web App->User Policies->Add user with "Act as system" option) but it didn't change anything. I always get an "access denied" for the page.


What needs to be setup to allow user to manage allowed actions on site collection level including actions that have been deactivated on farm level?


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