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Disabling check box based on counted values in rows

Question asked by milous23 on Jul 27, 2018

Hey guys,


I am struggling with a problem. I am trying to create sort of registration form where people can check the button at the training, if they want to attend next months. The button should get disabled as soon as in that very column the number of attendees reaches 10. as shown on the picture, there is 12 times yes and 2 times no, so the count function of the sharepoint list works great.


As soon as I try to put this in the rule in the nintex form for sharepoint, it gets tricky. The check box does not get disabled if I use count(PMOoverview)>=10. If I do it the other way around count(PMOoverview)<=10, it works well. Obviously its not counting the boolean "yes" as the sharepoint list does.



Could you please help me solve the problem. Even suggestions to go around it somehow are welcomed. I am no developer and I am new with Nintex, so I will welcome any suggestion