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Start workflow (2) within another workflow (1) on a created item from workflow (1)

Question asked by tja on Jul 27, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by burked

Hello ,

I want the following :


  • I start a workflow (1) on an item.
  • In that workflow (1) I create a new item in the same list (create or copy item)
  • I retrieve the newitem id with QUERY LIST and store the id in a variable
  • Now, I want to start a workflow (2) from the base workflow (1) but I need to start that workflow on the new created item (newitemid)
    • You could say, create a workflow that automatically starts on "the creation of an item"
      • but I need to pass information (Store data and retrieve data) between workflow (2) and workflow (1)
      • and I need to wait in workflow (1) until workflow (2) has ended.
  • Ideas ? ;-)