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Multi-Line Text w/ Append Changes to Existing Text - Entries getting deleted

Question asked by cwentzel on Jul 26, 2018

I have a couple Nintex forms setup that have a multi-line text field, with the Append Changes to Existing Text feature set to 'Yes'.  We are using this to track conversations between the end user and the individual working the request.  We like this feature because it documents the date and time the person entered their comment.  I know the fields and settings are SharePoint based, but we are using them in conjunction with Nintex forms.


What we have been noticing is that sometimes, and we have not been able to track it down to one specific situation, but the entries are getting deleted.  Either the entire conversation is deleted, or individual entries get deleted.


What can cause this to happen?  More importantly, how can we prevent/stop this from happening going forward?


Thank you!