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Using Create Item and Update Document in same workflow. Can it be done?

Question asked by hejones50 on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2018 by hejones50

We send out a newsletter to all our staff on a weekly basis with various amounts of information. Various members of staff update the document over the course of the week before it is distributed on a Thursday. Each newsletter has several 'common' aspects - issue number, date and site.


I've created a site workflow (I think site is the appropriate one) to 'create item' based on a content type (the template for the newsletter) in a newsletter document library and add the issue number to the name. The issue number is taken from a variable and inputted on the start form.


I'm aware on how to use the 'create item' and 'update document' on separate workflows, but can this be done on the same one? I.e can it create an document, and then update the same document? When adding the 'update document' part on the workflow I see the following:


I'm not sure what to put in the Source URL and Output URL.


Additionally, I know there is the functionality for a workflow to create a folder, is there a way for it to create a folder and then create a document (from a content type) within that folder?


Many Thanks!