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How to ensure validation checks each fields of repeating rows?

Question asked by hellouniverse on Jul 23, 2018
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I have repeating rows. Inside each repeating row, I have several fields; two of those fields are "Other (Numbers Only)" and "OTHER (Comments)" as can be seen in the attached image. These fields can only accept numbers.


How it shows on the page:

How it shows on the Nintex:


I am trying to ensure that if any of the OTHER(Numbers only) are anything more than 0, then Other (Comments) needs to be filled out and is mandatory.


I gave "othernumber" the name to OTHER (Numbers Only) as below



I tried to add this validation using rules as below:



However, the problem is below:


* If two repeating rows have other (number) > 0, then the validation kicks in. This is correct. I fill it one of the Other (comments) and leave the other(comments) empty. I expected the validation still stop me from submitting. However, it gets submitted. I need all Other (Number Only) to be checked. Is that possible using rules or another way?