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How to get item URL from another list

Question asked by tschaef on Nov 17, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2014 by tschaef

I have an InfoPath form saved as a web-browser form in a SharePoint library that needs two fields (Project Number and Item URL) populated from another SharePoint list.


I used Query list and filtered it by the requesters emails in the InfoPath form to pull back the Project Numbers from the other SharePoint list with the same requesters' emails to populate a Collection Variable, which I convert to a text variable and then use Update XML to add to the InfoPath form. I then tried Query List with the same filters to bring back URLs to those same items by pulling the Encoded Absolute URL into a Collection Variable, which I again convert to a text variable and thne use Upgae XML to add them to the InfoPath form. Hoewver, the URLs don't work.


Has anyone had luck using Encoded Absolute URL or any other way to pull item URLs from a SharePoint list.