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Multiple pages with formatted summary page at end for signature?

Question asked by wholani on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2018 by wholani

Hi there,


I've created a Nintex Cloud form as the start event.

It's got multiple pages gathering various bits of data i.e. Company Name, Trading Name, Contract Date etc etc.

what I want to do on the final step is to display a properly formatted form that can be signed.

Am I right in thinking I need to generate a document? How do I get this to pop up on the next screen in a way that can be signed? Is there a way of building a string consisting of data. 

One of my challenges in the start event is build a string that consist of variables.

End result something along the lines of:



"Pursuant to our conversation of [[varToday'sDate]] this letter will serve as written confirmation that the agreement between [[varCompanyName]] T/A [[varTradingName]] has agreed to supply.. etc.


Your Name [[varName]]

Position [[varPosition]]



Thank you in advance,