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Setting up an alert reminder on calendar item

Question asked by an0nto on Jul 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by kapilkjoshi

I'm trying to set up custom reminder on calendar item as so, each individual item has field called "reminder" which is number field, of course it's SharePoint calendar so I have also:


Start Date

End Date


Status (Not checked yet, checking... , done) 

Etc etc ... 


Now I want the get email notification like so:


 a. StartDate - reminderNum

b. sendMsg


I mean, if today minus the reminder day should be equals to... what? 

I can't figure it out. 

When reminderNum is lets, 2 days

Event set for 7/26 startDate

That means I want the reminder for 7/24, right? 

So I do I calculate it on workflow?


I know i need to use the

Calculate Date -> maybe Build a string to store the diff between both days and then what?