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Reusing Workflows on Multiple Document Libraries

Question asked by jeff_l on Jul 18, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2018 by callum

I've got a document approval site with multiple document libraries (each area of the facility has its own library and permissions are managed by the document library).  I have created a Nintex workflow to manage the document approval to replace the canned Sharepoint ones for additional information and address some issues.


The issue I have is that I would like to use the same workflow across multiple libraries (13).  It works fine except for references to metadata on the documents.  If I actually write to columns on the document (to show things like who is currently reviewing), those items may or may not come across when it is imported.  It originally caused issues with any references to columns on the current item (in forms, e-mails, or Update Item blocks.)  I've resolved all the forms and e-mail stuff by using workflow variables rather than references to the current item.  It's also kind of a pain, because the workflow will publish.  When I go into Update Item blocks, only half the stuff will be there and it seems random as to which ones cause issues.


First, I thought it might be column names, so I eliminated all spaces and punctuation, but that resolved some, but not all issues.  The columns I'm using are all Site Columns I added to a custom content type that is common across all libraries.  However, the libraries were not originally created off the same template.  They were all originally just created from scratch and the content type and site column approach was applied to existing libraries, so I'm guessing there is some internal column name that I can't ever get to match up.


Is there a solution to this, so that my workflow will be transferable across all document libraries?  Would it work if I start from scratch with new libraries built off a common template with the content type and site columns to maintain consistency?