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Unauthorized attempt to update workflow task by user nintex.dll

Question asked by rizwan.akhter on Jul 18, 2018



I am trying to complete a Flexi task with c# code. Below is my function:


private void CompleteFlexiTask(SPWeb web, SPList taskList, int actionId, int taskId)

SPListItem spTask = taskList.GetItemById((taskId));
Guid commentsFieldId = Nintex.Workflow.Common.NWSharePointObjects.FieldComments;
Guid decisionFieldId = Nintex.Workflow.Common.NWSharePointObjects.FieldDecision;
Guid outcome = Nintex.Workflow.Common.NWSharePointObjects.FieldApprovalOutcome;
spTask[decisionFieldId] = actionId;
spTask[commentsFieldId] = "Comments";
spTask[outcome] = 2;
web.AllowUnsafeUpdates = true;
web.AllowUnsafeUpdates = false;
catch (Exception ex) { }


I want to execute this code with a specific user other than System Account. But i am getting below error even i added this user as site owner and Farm Administrator:


Code only executes when i try to complete it with System Account. Any help would be really appreciated.