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How to summarise hours worked?

Question asked by on Jul 18, 2018
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I have a tasklist containing the columns HoursWorked and TotalHoursWorked.I want the column TotalHoursWorked to be updated each time you add HoursWorked. For example


Week 1; adds 5h to HoursWorked. TotalHoursWorked updates to 5h

Week 2: adds 7h to HoursWorked. TotalHoursWorked updates to 12h

Each time you edit the task the field for HoursWorked should be empty.


Do anybody have any suggestions on how I do this? I'm new to Nintex but have done some simple workflows before.


One more thing I have problems with is that I also want a summary of all the hours worked in a project. That means summmary of all the tasks in my Task list belonging to a certain project. I know that I can create a view in the task list that group and sum on project number, but I want the total sum to turn up in my Project list where I have all my project listed with Planned hours and Hours worked. The column Project.No in my Task list is a lookup from the Project list.


Appreciate the help.