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Migrated workflows lost their association

Question asked by jacallan on Jul 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2018 by jacallan

We have recently migrated our site to SharedPoint 2016 from 2007 along with our portfolio of Nintex workflows.  Because of some problems with one of our list objects, our administrator re-migrated a list.  The 5 workflows that had been associated with that list, are no longer listed as belonging to it.  I attempted to export and import the missing workflows, but received an error that the names were already in use on the site, despite not being listed in the Nintex Workflow Inventory.  I was able to locate them using the path.. http://<site>/NintexWorkflows/Forms/AllItems.aspxIs there a way to re-associate these workflows with the existing list?  I attempted to rename the old ones and re-import, but the receive an error on "Save" within the workflow designer; 

Error on Save