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Workflow suspends because the value provided for Set Next State did not resolve to a valid state

Question asked by wooly on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2018 by wooly

I have been slowly building and testing my new State Machine workflow when I have run into an issue using my Set Next State as Other using a Text variable.  My workflow has two states that potentially can reject my request called RA Manager Review & Country Manager Review. 

So I setup a Set Workflow variable at the top of these two branches and created a text variable called varLastStateTXT  and set their values to be as RA Manager Review & Country Manager Review in the appropriate place.  I next set a Task for the Initiator that allowed Resubmission or Cancellation of their request. 

In Cancellation we Exit the State Machine which works perfectly.  In the Resubmit Branch I have setup my Set Next State as a dynamic to send a response back to the branch that rejected the submission.  The value for the State Machine is set as Other with a value varLastStateTXT.

I then set a log before the Set Next State action to find where it was going to be sent  - it returned Country Manager Review (which I expected as they rejected the submission) but the workflow suspended at this point.  The message in the log says: "The value provided for Set Next State did not resolve to a valid state". 

I have attached a document with the snapshots of the workflow and the log. Hoping that someone may have a solution or something else I can check to resolve this.