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Attachments from NWC form

Question asked by kapilkjoshi Champion on Jul 17, 2018
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I would like to know how can I retrieve the attachments from the NWC start up form and attach them to the item in SharePoint list.

I'm using OneDrive as storage location. The collection of the attachments looks like this:


["{\"path\":\"/WorkflowFiles/a4319896-9b5d-4326-8b65-35570a217bb6/GetAllSiteColl.txt\",\"connectionId\":\"492723\"}", "{\"path\":\"/WorkflowFiles/a4319896-9b5d-4326-8b65-35570a217bb6/INintexDetails.txt\",\"connectionId\":\"492723\"}"]


I have tried looping through the Attachment collection variable, but it doesn't retrieve the file. I know the path where the files will get stored, but i need to know the names of the files to attach them to item in sharepoint list.


Only way i have been able to get the name of the files is with these steps:

  1. Get folder Content - from OneDrive get all the file names in collection variable)
  2. Sort Items in Collection - descending so if there is any signature file, it gets the index=0.
  3. Remove item from collection - at index 0, this removed the signature file from collection.
  4. loop through the collection of folder content received in step 1


This gives me the file names and i can then create a loop to add items to SharePoint list item. Is there any better way to perform these steps?


Thank you.