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URL to Open Nintex Form

Question asked by jnboud on Jul 19, 2018
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We are using Nintex 365 in a SharePoint online environment.

We have a SharePoint list that uses a Nintex form. We also have some engineering drawings in which we want to embed a link to the SharePoint list Nintex form. The link needs to open the Nintex form for the list item which is associated with a value in the engineering diagram. The value in the diagram will be equal to the Title column in the SharePoint list.


I know that I can use this link below to open a Nintex form:

https://<our sharepoint site>/_layouts/15/listform.aspx?PageType=4&ListId=%7B5A59504B%2D06C1%2D443A%2DA8C9%2DFE391E05CBF3%7D&ID=4906&ContentTypeID=0x0100A0CC854ED4D60E4E9F301F2549FD7775

But this link requires the item id, and that will not be available to us in the engineering diagram. Also, there will be no way to execute any code in the diagram, so we would not be able to look up the item by its title to get the item ID. There are literally thousands of diagrams, so we want to avoid having to manually look up the item ID for every valule in the diagram.


Is it possible to use a URL to open the Nintex form by using the title value as opposed to the item ID?