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What's exactly 'International' version about?

Question asked by emha Champion on Jul 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2018 by euang

Hello all,



I'm looking for an explanation/document that would clarify what's exactly Forms/Workflow International version about.

and what're exact differences to pure English version.



I mean, does international version mean that nintex products can 'talk' to users in supported languages except of english? (in release notes there are listed some 10 or so languages)

ie. form/workflow designer, CA admin pages, help pages, etc can be localized.



or does international version mean what site primary/alternate languages are allowed/supported to run nintex on the site?

in other words, if I have nintex forms/workflow of English version, can I configure site to run in other language/locale (eg. German), so that (end) users can configure their native language as prefered in their profiles?


or are there any other specifics about International version?



thanks for any feedback that could explain this.