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Source Redirect & URL Querystring parm not working together

Question asked by jacallan on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2018 by jacallan

I have two lists in a parent child relationship and have included a button at the parent to create a new item in the child list.  I am able to pass a parameter in the URL (ParentID=ID) to populate the new item form.  As the user would generally enter more than one item, I want to redirect them back to the parent form in edit mode.  I am able to do this using a redirect URL in the button settings and Source=<mysite url>.  However, these two things will not work together.  If the Source URL precedes the parm (via "&"), the redirect works.  If the parm precedes the Source string, the parameter setting works. But neither case, both work.  I am using Script Editor webparts with javascript functions to extract the parm on the child item Newform to capture the ParentID and populate two lookup fields which tie the child item to the parent.  Seems like this should be a cakewalk... but not so.  Any help greatly appreciated.