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Do not use LazyApproval terms when interpreting email responses

Question asked by johnny_ramsay on Jul 8, 2018

Does anyone have any documentation about the 'Do not use LazyApproval terms when interpreting email responses' setting in the Flexi Task Advanced Options? I can't find any notes about how it operates or what it is meant to do. 




We have had users request for more flexibility in how the LazyApproval process works - allowing for responses such as "Approved for me" or "Approved for cost center X", etc. I am hoping to use the "All Approver Comments" to determine what response has been provided and use a regular expression to see if the response contains 'Approve' or 'Reject' - just need Nintex to be able to accept a response which isn't in it's list of terms.


I attempted using the 'Other' branch too but that doesn't really fit this case either.