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Unable to customise date format

Question asked by atul.ganorkar on Jul 8, 2018

Hi -


I have multiple dates in my word document and need to maintain format as dd/mm/yyyy.  All but one field has an issue that it sticks to standard yyyy-mm-dd format i.e. e.g 2018-07-03 and never shows any other date format.


I have used below to print the date in dd/MM/yyyy:

<<conEndDate_Start>>{conEndDate_Value \@ "dd/MM/yyyy"  \* MERGEFORMAT }

Incorrect output: - 2018-07-03


See a working example below:

<<dob_Start>> {dob_Value \@"dd/MM/yyyy" \* MERGEFORMAT }

Correct output: - 02/07/2018 


Do you see anything wrong here?  Let me know if you have any other queries around this please.